Made to Weather it Out | Kendra Ground Breaking

House Kendra

02 Mar Made to Weather it Out | Kendra Ground Breaking

A five-car caravan makes way through the afternoon drizzle en route to an emerging, exclusive housing development project located in Davao City’s northern helm.

In one of the vehicles, inside jokes and jokes of other colors are punctured suddenly by is the tent big enough? Are the hardhats packed? Where are we settling down afterwards?

They already know the answer; the prep and pep talk are said and done before heading out of the Obrero homebase. The knee-jerk reactions are just the residue of a tight schedule done right the best way they can.

Scrambled underneath a wide open tent fit to fill a dozen more were Stalwart Superstars the co-founders, architect-in-charge, project engineer, structural engineers, operations, and marketing. Also present were the people to whom the house is built for: a mother and her two daughters.

Before everything else was a prayer lead by one of the daughters of the partner-clients. She wishes her family well and the best for the homebuilders. The groundbreaking ceremony is fronted by marketing, whose faces and names become one of the first to be familiar for new partners. As said in one way or another during the brief ceremony, groundbreaking marks a turning over of dreams and designs to a tangible reality.

Finishing the groundbreaking and photo op is a nod to the simplest form of celebrating relationships and triumphs big and small: eating.

Throughout the afternoon, all teams pitched in like clockwork that the partners need not budge much. Onlookers could have easily mistaken the gathering for a merrymaking of friends and family—and just that. The impression is only partly true.

Now at the 63rd groundbreaking, Stalwart knows too well the visible excitement and natural anxiousness that comes for new homeowners. But with a team that helps you take on the challenging points and the light moments alike—through whatever weather—it gets much easier.

On rain-kissed soil will rise a house that becomes a home. This one is House Kendra.

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