Built Passionately | A Mantra of Engr. Castillon

Ron Castillon

20 May Built Passionately | A Mantra of Engr. Castillon

An Engineering Head’s natural habitat is not inside an office. It is in the whirlwind of noise and people, and the rush of an impending structure being built from scratch or from something existing. This is why it took a while before Engr. Ron Castillon could sit down to talk about what it means to be part of the solution in a department where a lot could go wrong.

Engr. Castillon needs to be everywhere all at once. He needs to okay papers at the office, and attend to a particularly pesky site often way off the Stalwart nook. To say the least, he is a busy person.

The rest of the teams under Construction can echo all the same. With project sites like little worlds of their own, it is Engr. Castillon’s task to piece it all together. He knows his game well because he was himself a site engineer before he was chosen to become the Engineering Head.

Minor setbacks during the course of construction are common but as Engr. Castillon has imparted on the team in many ways, there is always an alternative waiting around the corner. He may throw in a few ideas—but always trusts that his team can handle the heat. Team members are groomed to take criticism direct to the point. It is only with this kind of clarity that they can learn from each other.

Delays are little monsters that the team avoids so they patch it up with constant communication way beyond work hours.

For all the things Engr. Castillon has to be excited about, his top-of-mind response is the “promising” growth of Stalwart in all its potentials. For the tough willing to sit through the roller coaster ride, Stalwart will be going places—this coming from the man who has been there since it had no more than the core group.

Meanwhile, the team, with Engr. Castillon’s no-nonsense stewardship and infectious passion for work will be in ground zero where progress takes shape one structure at a time.

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