Davao City


Set against the backdrop of an impending infra-boom, the rest of the country is once again reminded why the restless South is—as historically written—the place of Promise.

Being on the frontlines of a morning rush was, about a few years back, tolerable. By the standards of city folk where stray pedestrians are apprehended by the truckload and vehicles are the right mix of law-abiding and uso-uso (notorious jeepneys that get you to your destination in 20 minutes instead of an hour), the roads are now simply hell. To be fair, being choked on major roads is the small sacrifice for new developments. Fresh streets, taller buildings, bolder land development projects. For those who do not already live in Davao, we have got to tell you: now is an exciting time to be here.

Whether you are already eyeing a parcel that suits you, or have yet to stake a handful of lots in the city, investing in a home in Davao will only become more gratifying with time. And for those whose properties in Davao are idle and unoccupied, you are just one leap behind from becoming homeowners in the middle of the city’s big bang.

Your home in the city will only become more valuable as progress takes it peak. Build your space for yourself and your loved ones in a place where the winds will be blowing in the right direction for a long time. If it is a rest house you prefer, then the glint of a uniquely Mindanao lifestyle will still be within your reach. Just be guided: your heart will always be in your new home in Davao.

Build now. The city is waiting.

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